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Stone Village Humac

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Eve's summer residence

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Coutr of St. George

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Vertigo Palace

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When buying property in any country, transparent information and understanding of the whole process of buying and selling is of great importance, more so if you try to invest in the country whose legal framework you are not familiar with. 
Below we have listed the basic steps when buying property in Croatia. Please read the text below and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail. 

Step 1 Opt for an agency that will represent you in the process of finding and buying real estate, and decide on your criteria in the search for real estate 

• Define your area of interest, type of property and the budget 
• Ask your agent to send you a list of properties that are of interest, and a brief description of the market area you have chosen 
• Arrange sightseeing desired properties before you decide to purchase step

Step 2 Consult with your agent which access to apply when buying property 

There are two ways of buying property in Croatia: 

1. You can buy property as an individual 
For foreigners to buy property in his/ her private proprietorship in Croatia, you will need to seek approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (except for EU citizens). This procedure is a formality and in rare cases be dismissed. The time period can be up to 6 months, but the waiting period you are in possession and you can calmly use the same. 

2. You can buy property as a legal entity, or establish a company that will further buy property 
Establishing a company in Croatia is not complicated and does not require excessive conditionality. There may be one or more founders, and all the formalities can be completed in a period no longer than 3 weeks. Company (Ltd.) has a beginner’s capital requirement minimum of € 2.800, which after the firm establishment can withdraw. Additionally, you will need to invest around € 1000 for expenses such as notary fees, taxes and fees required for start-ups. 
A complete service around the opening of the company can be provided by our agency. 

Step 3 Preliminary phase 
• At this stage you are ready for a "down payment", which usually amounts to 10% of the selling price of the property, and the signature of the Pre-contract and/or the Contract made by our attorneys and our agent. 
• If you are buying as an individual; Our attorney and our agent will need to submit the following documents to get approval from the Ministry of Interior: 
- the sales contract in its original form or certified copy 
- the legitimate owner and the title deed (not older than six months) of the current property owner 
- the certificate of construction and a final building permit (not older than six months) 
- proof of citizenship of the customer (copy of passport) 
- proof of citizenship of the seller (the person a copy of the map or passport) 
- copies of all the above
With the above-mentioned documents will be necessary to provide proof of paid administrative fees: 
- EUR 50.00 for the application 
- GBP 100.00 on the decision to buy property 
- about EUR 20.00 for other benefits 

• If you are buying as a legal entity across the enterprise, which you founded and which you are a shareholder, the very process of buying the property will be faster, but the pre-contract and/or the final contract you will continue to sign as an individual (with a note on pre-contract to final contract signed by the company ). This is due to save time while awaiting documentation. 

Step 4 Final Contract 
According to a specific date to pre-contract, you shall sign the final contract and pay the last installment to the seller, whereby you become the new owner of the property and enter in the possession of same. 

Step 5 Registration in the Land Registry and Cadastre 
• Our attorney and our agent will submit all necessary documents for registration of your name or names of companies, in the Company registry 
• Also, our lawyer and our agent will inform the IRS, and send the necessary documents, based on which the tax service will calculate the payable tax, which will be required to be paid as a sales tax. 
• Within 30 days of signing the sales contract the buyer is legally obliged to apply the tax obligation to the Tax Administration on whose territory the property is situated (especially on the prescribed form). Real estate transfer tax is paid at a fixed rate of 5%, and within 15 days from the date of the decision. People who purchase the first property to solve their own housing are exempt from tax in addition to fulfilling certain conditions. 

NOTE: Pursuant to Article 60 of Agreement on Stabilization and Association between Croatia and the EU and its Member States, the last four years since its entry into force, ie from February 1st 2009, citizens of EU member states and will be provided the same treatment as Croatian citizens acquiring real estate. 

For more information please be free to contact us, and our staff will immediately respond to your inquiry.
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